Commercial Maintenance Contracts

Do you need a maintenance agreement for your commercial flat roof? Yes! Routine maintenance from an experienced commercial roofer has significant benefits, and pays off in the long run.

What Is Covered in a Commercial Maintenance Agreement from ARK Roofing Inc?

A maintenance plan from ARK Roofing Inc includes a comprehensive Roof Condition Assessment. Twice a year, one of our experienced team members will perform a thorough inspection of key roof structures, including: parapet walls, drains, gutters, scuppers, roof membrane, flashing, and penetration details.

With a focus on preventative maintenance, our maintenance agreement calls for proactive repairs to keep your flat roof in good condition. It covers all maintenance required for warranty compliance. We will keep a full history of your inspections and maintenance to fulfill warranty requirements.

If your roof needs a reactive repair to fix a leak or other roofing problem, our expert contractor will keep you informed. We will also note any defects or damage found in your roof’s structure, which could require more extensive correction.

The Benefits of a Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance Agreement
  • Regular inspections from a qualified roofer can identify and fix small problems, before they become critical.
  • Proactive maintenance improves the service life of your commercial roof by up to 50%, postponing the need for a replacement roof.
  • Prompt repair of minor problems avoids damage to the business(es) below, protecting your roofing investment and the business assets.
  • Routine maintenance is required by most manufacturer warranties. By scheduling maintenance twice a year, a maintenance agreement can help maintain your warranty compliance.
  • A well maintained roof in good condition can enhance your property‚Äôs value
Contact ARK Roofing Inc for Preventative Roof Maintenance in Eastern Washington and North Idaho

The average building owner will spend more than $125,000 to maintain and service their commercial roof in a lifetime. Reduce your business expenses in the short and long run. Contact ARK Roofing Inc for commercial roofing maintenance agreements. We offer fully customizable quotes for business owners. Call now!

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