Insurance Claims

As a residential and commercial roofing company servicing Eastern Washington and North Idaho, ARK Roofing Inc offers the convenience of free estimates, financing options, and a range of services from installation to repairs and maintenance. With 24 years of proven integrity of the operation, we’ve honed our strategies to deliver exceptional value and results. One of our specialties is assisting you through the insurance process.

Roofing Insurance Claims

Storms, fallen trees, branches, and even pests can cause damage to the roof. If you’re planning to submit a homeowners insurance claim, the process can be a challenge. Failing to navigate the steps properly can result in a denied claim. ARK Roofing Inc welcomes you to contact us at (509) 443-9300 for knowledgeable assistance, including complete roofing inspection.

Steps for covering roof replacement by your homeowner’s insurance include:

  • Familiarize yourself with your policy. You most likely have either repair or replacement coverage. Repair coverage typically provides for a specific percentage of repair expenses. Replacement coverage is a more difficult claim to get accepted but some offer reimbursements for the replacement of a roof that is unable to be cost-effectively fixed. It’s important that all damage is documented and the claim submitted as soon as possible.
  • Document damage to the roof through photos. You’ll want evidence of exterior damage as well as issues inside the home. If accessing the damage is not safe, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ARK Roofing Inc for help. We have the resources and experience to handle effective documentation. You’ll want to record the date of the damage and how it happened, such as a storm. Your insurance company’s websites should provide guidance on how to submit a claim, and there may be a time frame involved. Waiting too long can result in the claim being denied.
  • A roofing inspection from a licensed roofing company is necessary. ARK Roofing Inc compiles detailed reports for the insurance company. Without this proof of damage, the insurance company may hire an inspector to represent them, who will be more likely to deny the claim.
  • Make sure you always know who you’re dealing with. Following larger storms and natural disasters, there are scammers who go door-to-door making promises of roof repairs and replacements for unbelievably low prices. These salespeople do not represent reputable roofing companies and end up costing you plenty.
  • Once the insurance claim has been submitted and a roofing company has  supplied supporting evidence, the insurance company will either approve or deny the claim. Even if your claim is denied, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision. Consult your insurance agent for how to proceed. If the roofing claim is approved, the repairs or replacement can begin. It’s always a good idea to have your roof inspected regularly and properly maintained. At ARK Roofing Inc we know how to keep your roof in peak condition, making any future claims on your homeowner’s insurance that much easier to get approved. The written documentation of the condition of your roof can prove invaluable.
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