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Neglecting repair of your roof can lead to leaks, wood rot, damage to the home, and whole roof replacements. It’s cost-effective to act sooner rather than later. Calling the professionals from ARK Commercial Roofing Inc at (509) 443-9300 provides a free estimate, conscientious workmanship, and solutions you can trust. We’ve distinguished ourselves as a premier roofing company across Eastern Washington and North Idaho with over 23 years of satisfied clients.

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Roof Repair Professionals

Your roof defends the home against inclement weather, affects energy efficiency and curb appeal, and is an investment worth protecting. If you’ve noticed a brown stain on a ceiling, stray pieces of shingles in the yard after a heavy rain, visual concerns with your roof, or have sustained storm damage, choose the experience and expertise of ARK Commercial Roofing Inc for assistance. Our skills, resources, and background add up to a swift, streamlined and successful process. And all of our work is guaranteed!

For your roofing repair needs, call the ARK Commercial Roofing Inc team!

Our roofing professionals get to you quickly, diagnose the problem and determine the best plan of action. For insurance claims, it’s important to submit them as soon as possible. ARK Commercial Roofing Inc is here to help. We are knowledgeable in insurance claims, provide roofing inspection and compile essential reports for your insurance agency. ARK Commercial Roofing Inc achieves your objectives through start-to-finish roofing repairs done right across Spokane Valley, WA.

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