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Did you know your roof needs regular maintenance to protect the longevity and value of your investment? Conscientious inspection and upkeep are critical to the strength and structure of your roof. For the very best care of your roof, ARK Roofing Inc is the right choice for homeowners in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. We bring 23 years of experience in repairs, replacement, installation, and maintenance to every job.

Expert Roofing Maintenance Services

Preventative measures from ARK Roofing Inc maximize the lifespan of your roof. Our trained professionals troubleshoot those vulnerable areas that are most susceptible to problems. We catch minor issues, such as small cracks in a pipe boot, that are a simple fix now but could easily turn into major damage and repairs if neglected. The removal of debris from the roof, gutters, and valleys prevents the creation of dams, clogged downspouts, and the overflow of gutters. We also check chimneys, caulking, flashing, and for pest intrusion.

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ARK Roofing Inc is synonymous with peace of mind. Reach out to us at (509) 443-9300 for a free estimate, further information, and convenient scheduling of residential roofing maintenance anywhere across Spokane Valley, WA; Liberty Lake, WA. We make sure the process is stress-free with timely arrival, swift turnaround, and tidy job sites. Our licensed contractors complete an extensive checklist to ensure the most cost-effective results and all of our work is guaranteed.

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